Become a Corporate Partner

Effective employee volunteer programs...
Build a company's existing values
Differentiate the company in the marketplace
Foster a culture loyal, team-oriented employees
Reaffirm and celebrate a company's commitment to community needs


Leadership & Skills Development
More than 80% of professionals said they developed leadership skills as a result of their volunteer experience, and three out of four  think that companies should use volunteering as a professional development tool.

— Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT Survey, Deloitte LLP, 2007; Power Skills: How Volunteerism Shapes Professional Success, Women’s Way, 2005


Team Building
83% of corporate volunteers said they have stronger relationships with others in the workplace after voluntering together.

— Macquarie Graduate School of Management Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership Network 2013

Loyalty & Retention
Employees involved in company cause programs are 28% more likely to be proud of their company’s values, and 36% more likely to feel a strong sense of loyalty.

— Cause Evolution Study, Cone 2010; Measuring the Value of Corporate Philanthropy; Social Impact, Business Benefits and Investor Returns, Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy, 2010 


Improved Public Reputation & Consumer Loyalty

79% of consumers prioritized brands that supported local causes  

88% of companies said that corporate citizenship programshad a positive  impact on the company's reputation.  

— Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT Survey, 2013  — Cause Evolution Study, Cone, 2010