Health & Wellness

Operation FitKids™, a curriculum of the American Council on Exercise, is designed to help educators integrate nutrition and physical fitness into elementary and middle school learning environments. Hands On Atlanta utilizes Operation FitKids™ during Discovery sessions to help children understand simple activities and everyday decisions they can make to live more healthfully.  

STEM Enrichment

Hands On Atlanta partners with Kids Interested in Technology, Engineering and Science (KITES), Inc., whose primary mission is to seek out underrepresented kids and expose them to the wonders and fascination of the sciences in order to ignite in them a life-long love of science, and by doing that, uncover the brilliance and potential that lies in every child. Students participate in activities teaching concepts ranging from computer science to molecular biology to renewable energy.

Field Trips

Students get around town to arts and cultural venues such as the Tellus Science Museum and Georgia Aquarium, helping them to visualize the science concepts that they learn about in school. Circus Arts Institute, Fernbank Museum and Legoland were also field trip venues that rewarded students’ participation in Discovery.  

Financial Literacy Discovery

Discovery provides an opportunity for students begin to learn how to manage money through Hands on Banking®, a Wells Fargo program. Hands on Banking also reinforces math and language arts instruction.  

Beyond Academics

Our Discovery volunteers are more than an academic support for these students—they are a life support. Many of these students come from families struggling to make ends meet and simply do not have the time or resources necessary to meet the child’s emotional needs. Discovery volunteers often become a friend and a mentor—they show an interest, build trust and are willing to invest their time. The result? – A child who believes in his/herself and has hope for a brighter future.  It is this holistic “magic” that broadens a child’s outlooks for their future and helps children to see the importance of education.