Our Programs

Since 1989, Hands On Atlanta has engaged volunteers in more than 6.2 million hours of service. Together, we are strengthening the community through the following programs. 

Discovery Program
On any given Saturday morning throughout the school year, Hands On Atlanta volunteers provide free tutoring and enrichment activities for elementary students at 14 metro Atlanta schools through the Discovery program. Discovery is run entirely by volunteers who serve as School and Grade captains, as well as general volunteers. For more information about Discovery Program, please contact Monique Terry by calling 404-979-2751.

Schools-Based AmeriCorps Program
Hands On Atlanta Schools-Based AmeriCorps members are fully challenged to participate in a cohesive, diverse and task-oriented team focused on school-based programming, service project implementation and general leadership development. Members are committed to community service, supporting the public school system and the individual student by engaging families, teachers community members and corporations in education. Learn More!

TeamWorks! is a great way to make friends while making a difference at community-based agencies throughout metro Atlanta. Attend an upcoming kickoff and join a team, then complete four-six service projects with your teammates during a two-month round. Registration for the Summer 2014 Round of TeamWorks! is now open, beginning June 7th and running through July 19th. To learn more, please email the TeamWorks! Steering Committee.

Make your mark on the world! generationOn is the global youth service movement igniting the power of kids to make their mark on the world. Whether you’re 15 years old or five, there’s an opportunity for you to make a difference locally through Hands On Atlanta. Click here to view a calendar of upcoming youth and family service projects or visit generationOn’s website to learn about ways to create your own opportunity.

Hands On Atlanta’s skill-based volunteer initiative, springBoard, enlists talented business and technology professionals to provide pro bono consulting services for nonprofit organizations. Teams of volunteer consultants work with an agency for one to three months to complete projects such as: strategic planning, basic website construction, accounting and finance, human resources and more. To get involved in springBoard, contact Andrea Thomas, Associate Director of Community Partnerships, 404-979-2876.

Veteran Leader Corps - A "New Call to Service" in Volunteerism
In collaboration with Points of Light and Corporation for National and Community Service, Hands On Atlanta has teamed up with Goodwill of North Georgia to assist military families and veterans. The Veteran Leader Corps (VLC) program addresses the needs of veterans and their families with the intention of better connecting them to community organizations and resources for opportunities to serve their local communities. VLC focuses on developing volunteer leadership and meaningful service opportunities as well as robust training and resources for veterans and military families. For more information, contact Thomas Walters, Veteran Leader Corps Coordinator, 404-979-2864.

All of Hands On Atlanta’s programs and events are planned and led by volunteers like you!  To become a volunteer leader, download a volunteer leader application or contact Genora Crooke, Volunteer Relations Coordinator, 404-979-2820.

Click on the following links to learn more about Hands On Atlanta’s: Special Events and Corporate Partner Program.