What is Parent U?

Parent U is part of Hands On Atlanta's initiative to address the underlying issues of generational poverty by looking at the holistic needs of Atlanta’s youth and families.  Hands On Atlanta recognizes that parental support and engagement are essential to learning. While Hands On Atlanta’s Discovery program provides meals and educational enrichment for children, Parent U addresses the needs of the parents—of the family as a whole—by providing learning opportunities and resources that promote self-sufficiency and help parents be more engaged with their children's education.

Parent U provides support and resources to parents or caregivers in underserved communities who’s children are currently enrolled in the Discovery Program.   This includes classes and resources for ELS, employment readiness, as well as quarterly workshops to help parents better understand what their children are currently learning in school.  With the help of school partners and volunteers, Parent U provides Saturday training opportunities for parents/guardians.

Parent U sessions are also an opportunity to introduce parents to other resources and services that are available to the to help address their specific challenges and to help them be successful parents/guardians and role models for their children.


Want to get involved?

If you would like to volunteer to help families become more self-sufficient or support activities that provide educational enrichment, you can sign up through the Hands On Atlanta website www.handsonatlanta.org or call 404-979-2800 for more information.