Creating Volunteer Groups (Volunteer Teams)

Things are always more fun when you get a group of people together, but finding opportunities for larger groups can be difficult. The information below should help guide you through the process of using Hands On Atlanta to find group volunteer opportunities.

1. Go to and log into your volunteer account.
2. Choose a project by clicking “find an opportunity”.
3. Scroll down the page and click “sign up with a team”.
4. If you don’t have a team of your own and do not want to volunteer on someone else’s existing team, click on option #3, “create a new team” and enter the information required.
* Every team member must enter a first and last name.
* No two members can have the same email address.
* You don’t have to enter yourself as a member of the team. By creating the team, you are automatically the Team Captain.
* Team members who do not want to have an email address submitted won’t be notified that they have been made a team member.
5. Submit your team information by clicking “create a team”.
6. A message will pop up on your screen to let you know that your team information has been submitted successfully. Scroll down the page and click on the link to “continue opportunity sign up with your team”.
7. Now that you are back to the opportunity sign up page with the project of your choice, click on option #1, “choose one of your teams” and click “select”.
8. Wait for the system to process your request and then click “submit”.


When a Team Captain creates a team, the following takes place:

  • Team members who already have a log-in are asked to log in and confirm themselves as a member.
  • Anyone who does not have a log-in is invited to visit the Hands On Atlanta website and create a volunteer account.* .
  • Team members with no emails will not be sent information– and it’s up to the Team Captain (YOU) to make sure they have the information they need


Have more questions? Feel free to email Genora Crooke, Volunteer Relations Manager.