Hands On Atlanta's
Civic Leadership Program

Hands On Atlanta launched our newest venture in January 2012, and we now have 73 current and past Civic Leaders creating hundreds of opportunities for Hands On Atlanta volunteers to serve their community!  The Civic Leadership Program is also an opportunity for Civic Leaders to further their own personal and professional development goals. 

Civic Leaders mobilize volunteer teams to complete monthly service projects with local nonprofit agencies and schools.  They also educate volunteers about local concerns and help fundraise to sustain volunteer efforts. 
Tutoring and mentoring children, distributing food to the hungry, performing senior home repairs, beautifying and maintaing local parks are just some of the ongoing programs in need of leadership.  Most programs meet once or twice a month and are perfect for people seeking consistent volunteer opportunities to complement their regular schedules. Check out some of these actual volunteer-led programs: 

Hands On Atlanta provides Civic Leaders with training on Volunteer and Project Management, Teambuilding, Networking, and Fundraising.  In addition, you will get to know about the issues facing our communities from local leaders.  These are many of the skills and insights that will help you to take the additional steps in your civic life, and to follow the examples of Hands On Atlanta volunteers like:
  • Brenda Rhodes, former coordinator of Food for Thought and Donations Sorting at MUST Ministries, who recently launched her own nonprofit, Simple Needs GA, and 
  • Kim Boykin, founder of Boys Who D.A.R.E. (Dream About Reading Everyday), who discovered her talents and recently decided to change to a teaching career.

The Civic Leadership Program is not currently accepting applications.  If you are interested in other volunteer leadership opportunities with Hands On Atlanta, please contact Genora Crooke, Volunteer Relations Coordinator, at 404-979-2820.
"At my volunteer site, the Atlanta Mission Marietta Thrift Store, I am able to witness how an individual's donations can bless others who are in dire need. There is a tremendous need for volunteers at our location because of the large amounts of donations they receive on an ongoing basis. By using my leadership and organizational skills to work towards these righteous causes, it gives me the true empowerment and fulfillment I need. I can see my character and skills being cultivated through participation in this program. Therefore I recommend it for anyone who is looking for a real challenge and is willing to hold servanthood and social change at the top of their priority list."  ~ Julian Smart-Rimple, Civic Leader

"I knew this would be a great opportunity to broaden my horizons...and there is never a dull moment!  My experience has been exciting, excellent, remarkable...words cannot describe.  I love seeing the finished product...and enjoy the smiling faces when I deliver a meal." ~ Jasmine Okokhere, Civic Leader at Open Hand