The Civic Leadership Program develops volunteers while supporting the needs of nonprofit agencies. Participants begin as volunteer leaders and become civic leaders through ongoing leadership training and mentoring provided by Hands On Atlanta staff, alumni and partners.




Civic Leaders manage service projects at designated non-profit partner sites by recruiting volunteers, overseeing service days and providing education to volunteers as to the mission of their partner agency. Check out the list of organizations and projects that need your leadership.
Leadership outcomes include a highly developed understanding of the role of non-profits in meeting community needs and ability to fundraise to support non-profit sustainability. Leaders also demonstrate personal leadership skills such as conflict resolution, decision making, and problem solving as well as well-developed people skills such as delegation, providing and receiving feedback and team building.
Make a bigger impact in your community. Become a Civic Leader!



  • Learn about the critical needs that local nonprofits address
  • Network with local leaders, experts, and dedicated volunteers
  • Build long-lasting relationships with area nonprofits 
  • Make a difference in the community and in the lives of others 
  • Improve your personal and professional leadership skills 

"The Civic Leadership Program goes a step above and beyond helping connect individuals with non-profits in the Greater Atlanta area. I made meaningful memories at each project and strengthened my relationship with my partner organization, which made all the hard work worth it. While the program is only for a year, it comes with lasting lessons, friendships, and opportunities for me to keep adding value in my community."

Julian Forero – Civic Leader 2015-2016



  • Lead 12 projects over the course of a year
  • Recruit, engage, and manage Hands On Atlanta volunteers
  • Attend Hands On Atlanta trainings
  • Fundraise for the Civic Leadership Program 
  • Tutor and mentor children
  • Distribute food to the hungry
  • Perform senior home repairs
  • Beautify and maintain local parks
  • And many more!  

How do I qualify to participate?

  • Have volunteered for at least three (3) service projects in the past year (Hands On Atlanta or other volunteer service)
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have a valid social security number
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Show a demonstrated commitment to making a difference
  • Be comfortable leading a group of diverse volunteers
  • Be easily accessible by e-mail and/or mobile phone


To learn more about our Civic Leadership Program contact our cause-connector who's fluent in sarcasm:

Elaine Hudson, Associate Director of Nonprofit Services

p: 404.979.2800 e: