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Does it cost me anything to volunteer with Hands On Atlanta?

No, volunteers are not asked to pay a fee. But did you know that there is a monetary cost to connecting volunteers to meaningful service opportunities? Some of our most committed volunteers are also our biggest individual donors. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to support volunteerism and help make Hands On Atlanta even stronger.

What are the different volunteer opportunities available?

There are a ton of ways to volunteer with us. You can search all of our projects posted by our partner nonprofits, explore our Programs (like Americorps, Discovery, Team Works!, Civic Leadership Program, etc...), or join us for one of our special events: Hands On Atlanta Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Service, Global Youth Service Day. There's really no limit to how you can volunteer with us!

How much time do I have to commit each month?

It's entirely up to you. Our goal is to make volunteering easy for everyone to fit into their busy schedules, so we offer projects with varying commitment levels. You can volunteer as much or as little as you like based on your availability and interests. Click here to read more about the different volunteer options we offer.

What kind of tools and resources will I have access to as a HON volunteer?

-You can quickly and easily sign up for volunteer opportunities that need your time, skills, talents, and enthusiasm. -Opportunity details (including directions) are emailed to you immediately once you sign up for a project. -You will receive a reminder email before the project date. -You can easily remove yourself from opportunities you are no longer able to attend. -You can view and modify your personal information including contact information, skills and interests. -You can easily view your volunteer history.

After I've created an account, how do I sign up for a volunteer project?

Search opportunities or browse our Opportunity Calendar. Once you find a project that you'd like to participate in, click on "Sign Up" or "Express Interest" located at the bottom of the opportunity description. If you choose a Sign Up opportunity, you can sign up directly for that project. You will receive a confirmation email with directions and any other special instructions. If you have questions about the project, you can send an email to the Opportunity Leader listed at the bottom of the project description. If it is an Express Interest opportunity, then the host organization will contact you directly with further information about the volunteer opportunity. You will also receive an email with contact information for the organization so that you can follow up with them if you do not get a response.

Do I need through an orientation or training to volunteer?

Nope! All you need to do to get started volunteering is click on the opportunity you're interested in, sign-in (or sign-up) to your Hands On Atlanta account and then show up at the project time/date.

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How do I partner with Hands On Atlanta?

Hop over to our Nonprofit Partner page to learn how easy it is to become a partner. You'll find information about the benefits of Hands On Atlanta partnership, see all of our partners and more. Partner organizations must renew membership on an annual basis. Once you are registered, you will be granted access to our partner portal and will be able to post volunteer opportunities.

I have just become a Hands On Atlanta partner. How do I learn more?

You can learn more about how to best support your volunteer programs through our ongoing trainings, which include an orientation for community organizations, monthly roundtable discussions and more.

How do I post volunteer opportunities on Hands On Atlanta's website?

To post volunteer opportunities on Hands On Atlanta's website, you need to first be registered with Hands On Atlanta. If you are already a current partner, please go to our Volunteer page for more information on how to post projects.

I just submitted my volunteer opportunity submission. Why hasn't it shown up on the website yet?

We have staff and trained volunteers approving projects. You will receive an e-mail notice once the project has been approved and posted. If it has not shown up on the website within three business days, please contact us.

How will volunteers express interest in my opportunity?

The Hands On Atlanta portal site functions as a search engine for volunteer opportunities. Volunteers can search for opportunities based on location, interest and skills. When a volunteer expresses interest in a project, both the project contact and the volunteer will receive each other's contact information. We highly recommend that the organization's staff contact the volunteer within 3-5 business days. Hands On Atlanta also tracks volunteer feedback to ensure that the process works smoothly.

I have received a notice that my organization's project(s) are expiring. What should I do?

The e-mail will include a prompt to update your opportunity. However, you will also receive this notice about projects when your organization's partnership is expiring.

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How much time does it take to plan a volunteer project for a corporate group?

We typically like a month lead time to plan the best volunteer experience for your corporation or group. It takes time to round up an awesome project, purchase the supplies and figure out all the deets with you. With that being said, we’ve planned projects in just a few days before. So, feel free to give us a buzz and we will do our best to accommodate your group!

Is there a minimum or maximum group size?

Nope. We work with corporations large and small. From 3 employees to 1,000+!

What types of projects do you offer for large groups?

At Hands On Atlanta, we try to think outside of the box when it comes to custom corporate projects. We offer the typical kit build or assembly-line project for groups. We also are willing to brainstorm and come up with something specific for large groups (as well as small), depending on the budget.

Can you help me plan a project on a night or weekend?

Yup. Sure can! We are willing to be flexible in the time of day in order to accommodate our corporate partner’ schedules.

Why does it cost money to volunteer with a corporate group?

As with most good things in life, volunteering simply is not free. Especially when it involves a group of people. We want you and your folks to have an awesome experience, and it takes time, energy, and (most importantly) supplies to make our volunteer projects happen. Think of us as the event planner to make all of your volunteer event dreams come true! We are willing and able to dream big with you and your team, but, that typically means an increased budget.

Do you provide food or drink at projects?

Yes, as you work with our corporate team, we are happy to add a budget line to include catered meals, drinks, or just snacks and water.

Do you have a specific list of impact projects to focus on certain issue areas?

If your company is focused on a specific issue area (i.e. child hunger, homeless, etc.), we are happy to recommend projects or build custom projects that fit within your areas of focus.

Should we participate in Hands On Atlanta Day, MLK Day of Service, or host a custom corporate project?

Totally up to you! Give us a call and we can share more information about our events compared to our custom corporate projects. With our events, we have more opportunities for media and marketing exposure. With our custom corporate projects, we have more flexibility in planning a unique experience for you and your team.

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