As a Hands On Atlanta Schools-Based AmeriCorps member, you will be given the opportunity to serve in elementary and middle schools, helping students improve their academic performance by closing the achievement gap. 




Hands On Atlanta Schools-Based AmeriCorps members are challenged to fully participate in a cohesive, diverse, task-oriented team focused on school-based programming, service project implementation and general leadership development. Members will be committed to community service, supporting the public school system and the individual student by engaging families, teachers, community members and corporations in education. 

AmeriCorps is a 10-month commitment that will change your life. More than 70,000 men and women are serving all over the country, turning their idealism into action through AmeriCorps. 


Click here to learn more about the Americorps.




Full time AmeriCorps Members serve a minimum of 1700 hours per service year through their service at their schools, self-guided Community Legacy Projects, and three days of service during their term – Hands On Atlanta Day, MLK Day of Service, and Global Youth Service Day.



Participate fully in leadership development, service-learning integration, project development, diversity and literacy training.



Assist in the recruitment, retention and recognition of community volunteers who serve at various Hands On Atlanta and placement site projects, including the Discovery Program.



Establish a daily routine, develop and implement creative and exciting activities for after-school and Saturday programs, and tutor and mentor students. 



Plan school-based special events and service projects such as: parents, friends and family night, corporate sponsor days, etc.



  • A monthly living allowance of $1,210
  • Basic health and dental insurance
  • Childcare subsidy, if eligible
  • Loan forbearance for federal student loans
  • Segal Education Award of $5,550 upon successful completion of service requirements

To participate in this program, State and Federal background checks are required. For a list of offenses that may disqualify you from service, please click here.




Hands On Atlanta AmeriCorps Members come from states as far away as California, Colorado, and Maryland; more than half our AmeriCorps Members are from the metro Atlanta area and several are products of APS and local colleges and universities from which they have backgrounds in education, social work, counseling, math, public policy, media/marketing, and child development.







  • Members serve as math and language arts tutors
  • Small group tutor sessions designed to provide students with individualized attention to strengthen foundational math and reading skills 
  • Aid teachers and enrich learning through grade-level classroom assistance
  • Associates degree or 60 credit hours post secondary education required
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred




  • Serve with Project GRAD
  • Organize service events and recruit volunteers
  • Bachelor’s degree required


To learn more about joining our Americorps program, reach out to our Tar Heeling educator:

Louis Metcalf, Associate Director of Education Programs

p: 404.979.2800 e: 


Our Discovery program provides tutoring, homework help, and structured enrichment activities; teaching health and wellness, STEM concepts and financial literacy.




Each school year, Discovery occurs in Title I, public schools, with volunteers serving nearly 800 students two Saturdays per month throughout the school year. The average Discovery school is receiving 88% free and reduced lunch, Discovery also combats student hunger by providing breakfast snacks and lunch through the Georgia Food Bank Association’s Child and Adult Care Food Program.




We partner with Kids Interested in Technology, Engineering and Science (KITES), Inc. Students participate in activities teaching concepts ranging from computer science to molecular biology to renewable energy.


Students get around town to arts and cultural venues like the Fernbank MuseumLegoland, the Tellus Science MuseumGeorgia Aquarium, and more! 



Hands On Atlanta utilizes Operation FitKids™ during Discovery sessions to help children understand simple activities and everyday decisions they can make to live a more healthy life.  

Financial Literacy

Discovery provides an opportunity for students begin to learn how to manage money through Hands on Banking®, a Wells Fargo program.

Beyond Academics

 Discovery volunteers often become a friend and mentor to kids in the program resulting in a child who believes in his/herself and has hope for a brighter future.  


current discovery schools


The Civic Leadership Program develops volunteers while supporting the needs of nonprofit agencies. Participants begin as volunteer leaders and become civic leaders through ongoing leadership training and mentoring provided by Hands On Atlanta staff, alumni and partners.




Civic Leaders manage service projects at designated non-profit partner sites by recruiting volunteers, overseeing service days and providing education to volunteers as to the mission of their partner agency. Check out the list of organizations and projects that need your leadership.
Leadership outcomes include a highly developed understanding of the role of non-profits in meeting community needs and ability to fundraise to support non-profit sustainability. Leaders also demonstrate personal leadership skills such as conflict resolution, decision making, and problem solving as well as well-developed people skills such as delegation, providing and receiving feedback and team building.
Make a bigger impact in your community. Become a Civic Leader!



  • Learn about the critical needs that local nonprofits address
  • Network with local leaders, experts, and dedicated volunteers
  • Build long-lasting relationships with area nonprofits 
  • Make a difference in the community and in the lives of others 
  • Improve your personal and professional leadership skills 

"The Civic Leadership Program goes a step above and beyond helping connect individuals with non-profits in the Greater Atlanta area. I made meaningful memories at each project and strengthened my relationship with my partner organization, which made all the hard work worth it. While the program is only for a year, it comes with lasting lessons, friendships, and opportunities for me to keep adding value in my community."

Julian Forero – Civic Leader 2015-2016



  • Lead 12 projects over the course of a year
  • Recruit, engage, and manage Hands On Atlanta volunteers
  • Attend Hands On Atlanta trainings
  • Fundraise for the Civic Leadership Program 
  • Tutor and mentor children
  • Distribute food to the hungry
  • Perform senior home repairs
  • Beautify and maintain local parks
  • And many more!  

How do I qualify to participate?

  • Have volunteered for at least three (3) service projects in the past year (Hands On Atlanta or other volunteer service)
  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have a valid social security number
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Show a demonstrated commitment to making a difference
  • Be comfortable leading a group of diverse volunteers
  • Be easily accessible by e-mail and/or mobile phone


To learn more about our Civic Leadership Program contact our cause-connector who's fluent in sarcasm:

Elaine Hudson, Associate Director of Nonprofit Services

p: 404.979.2800 e: 


The TeamWorks! program brings together volunteers through service projects and team building activities to create a unique, team-based service learning program. Each Round starts with a Kick-Off (orientation) at the Hands On Atlanta office, where you’ll form teams, participate in Team building activities, and learn the details of that Round’s Projects. 

For the next 6 to 8 weeks, you and your Team will volunteer on Saturday mornings, focusing on a different community issue at a different organization each week. You’ll likely be introduced to organizations and neighborhoods that you have never been to, and be exposed to community issues in a whole new light. 

Each Round includes a Mid-Round Mixer, hosted on a weeknight toward the middle of the Round. And finally, each Round ends with a Closing Project where Volunteers get a chance to share their experiences and brainstorm additional steps toward building a better community.


Elaine's Photo.jpg

To learn more about TeamWorks! and how volunteering is the new black, reach out to our cause-connector who's fluent in sarcasm:

Elaine Hudson, Associate Director of Nonprofit Services

p: 404.979.2800 e:


Parent U Provides support and resources to caregivers or parents in under-served communities whose children are enrolled in our Discovery Program.




While Hands On Atlanta’s Discovery program provides meals and educational enrichment for children, Parent U addresses the needs of the parents—of the family as a whole—by providing learning opportunities and resources that promote self-sufficiency and help parents be more engaged with their children's education.

This includes classes and resources for ELS, employment readiness, as well as quarterly workshops to help parents better understand what their children are currently learning in school.  With the help of school partners and volunteers, Parent U provides Saturday training opportunities for parents/guardians.




If you would like to volunteer to help families become more self-sufficient or support activities that provide educational enrichment, call 404-979-2800 for more information.



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Parent U is made possible by Presenting Sponsor, Constellation.  Constellation, an Exelon company, is  leading supplier of electric, natural gas, and energy products and services for homes and businesses across the continental United States. Through their support of Parent U, Constellation has further demonstrated their commitment to sustainability, not just of natural resources, but of the Atlanta communities and families.



Meals 4 Kids aims to ensure that the students in Hands On Atlanta’s tutorial and enrichment programs don’t go hungry on the weekends




Students/families needing assistance are identified by our partner schools.  Students must also be participants in Hands On Atlanta’s tutorial and enrichment programs in order to be eligible. However, food is also provided for all children in the household to ensure that no child is unfed.

Each week, Hands On Atlanta volunteers assemble backpacks filled with ready-to-eat meals and snack foods that don’t require refrigeration, such as instant oatmeal, fruit cups, canned meats, juice/milk boxes. Assembly events take place at Hands On Atlanta after orientation and at the sites of corporate sponsors (as employee engagement events). Backpacks are delivered to the children at schools on Fridays.  Children return their backpacks on Mondays, and the process begins again.





Meals 4 Kids serves students who qualify for free/reduced lunch and participate in Hands On Atlanta’s school-based programs, and their siblings. Meals 4 Kids also provides a meaningful volunteer and employee engagement opportunity. It is a simple service activity that orients participants the variety of factors impacting children’s educational outcomes and the ways they can continue volunteering through Hands On Atlanta in order to make a difference.




If you would like to volunteer to help families become more self-sufficient or support activities that provide educational enrichment, call 404-979-2800 for more information.


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