Good Party, Great Cause: High Five Late Night with the Hands On Atlanta Changemakers Board

The sticky tables at Manuel’s Tavern feel the same today as when a group of 20 and 30-somethings crowded around them in 1989. The 12 friends sipped beers as they talked about their early career moves and life as new parents, but mostly about how to impact Atlanta. They were determined to contribute to their local community and they knew that volunteerism was the secret sauce to success.

Over the years, the mission of Hands On Atlanta grew out from under bar signs into a West Midtown office and a 501(c)3 status. As Hands On Atlanta continued to grow and professionalize, it could have been easy to lose sight of the young, excited spark that founded our organization. But with our recent addition of leaders, that just not in the cards.

In fall of 2017, Hands On Atlanta launched its inaugural Changemakers Board, a group of 18 ambitious millennials hungry to impact our city and bring their friends along in the process. Even though this board just kicked off in September, the Changemakers have already engaged 140 Atlantans in support of Hands On Atlanta and are gunning to involve even more with an upcoming party.

On April 21st from 9:00 pm – 12:00 am, the Changemakers are stepping out with the High Five Late Night Party at The Gathering Spot. This party promises to be a tremendous time with live music, an open bar, tapas and a wine/spirit pull. In the words of Changemakers Board Chair, Everett Steele, “High Five Late Night is a great opportunity to share the impactful mission of Hands On Atlanta in a fun, social environment.”

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The Gathering Spot is a far cry from sticky tables, Changemakers Board Vice Chair Rachel Sprecher knows that High Five Late Night has a direct link to the youthful founders of Hands On Atlanta. She feels that “it’s an honor to serve on the Hands On Atlanta Changemakers board and have a part in helping the organization engage millennials and young people in service.”

Join us and meet this amazing line-up of Changemakers excited to host you at High Five Late Night:

Chair: Everett Steele, Chief Of Staff, Atlanta City Council Post 3 At Large 

Vice Chair: Rachel Sprecher, Executive Director, Atlanta Public Schools Office of Partnerships and Development 

Darrlynn Brister Alston, Marketing & Business Development, Allstate 

Kyle Azevedo, Research Engineer, Georgia Tech Research Institute 

Jasmine Cato, Community Manager, WeWork Colony Square 

Gloria Cox, Giving Leader, Chick-Fil-A Corporate 

Madeline Eaton, Brand Communications Marketing Manager, Delta Vacations 

Kurt Ford, Pacific Network Planning General Manager, Delta Airlines 

Brittany Locke, Human Resources Coordinator, Merchant e-Solutions 

Brian Matthews, Management Consultant, North Highland 

Jeremiah McWilliams, Internal Communications Director, North Highland 

Anirudha 'Rudha' Mididoddi, Strategic Business Development Manager, The Home Depot

Chris O'Connor, Business Development Manager, Clockwise MD  

Annalise Peters, Associate, Alston & Bird 

Devika Rao, Account Services Vice President, O'Neill Communications 

Ashley Rouse, Out of School Time Program Manager, HealthMPowers 

Kim Vu, Manager, Deloitte 

Ryan Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO, The Gathering Spot

We hope you take this opportunity to come meet Hands On Atlanta’s news group of 20 and 30-somethings drinking beers and making change.