Announcing the Hands On Atlanta Shop

Volunteering, serving your community, being an engaged citizen... these are not things you do on a Saturday morning. These actions are not simply, "scheduled time for good" before carrying on with your weekend. It's a lifestyle. It's a choice you make every morning when you wake up, confirming "Today I'm going to do something good."

To help celebrate you and your lifestyle, we're excited to announce the Hands On Atlanta store! When you shop with Hands On Atlanta, you'll find fun and meaningful swag that helps express your inner changemaker to the world. Sounds good, right? There's more, with every purchase, 100% of profits will go directly to supporting our impact programs! Every shirt you buy can help provide a day of snacks for 1 student OR provide that student with a literacy kit at one of our partner Title 1 schools. With each accessory you pick up, it can provide 2 basic hygiene kits for a child or adult. These are just a few ways in which your purchases have power!