5 Ways Volunteering Improves Your Life


Everyone knows that volunteering is an incredibly giving action for your community. However, sometimes life keeps us too occupied and stressed to even think about it, even though we know it’s the right thing to do. It turns out that volunteer work not only helps your community, but it also improves multiple areas in your own life.

A little skeptical? Keep reading to learn the five ways it does just that.

1. Volunteering is good for your health.

It has been proven that volunteering reduces stress and combats depression. It does this by keeping you close to other people and helping you develop a solid support system. Not only that, but research has shown that it improves your happiness. Check out these and some more health benefits to volunteering here.

2. Volunteering helps boost your career.

Sometimes we feel our work keeps us too busy to volunteer. It turns out that volunteering can actually foster your career. Volunteering helps you learn new skills in a field you’re interested in, without making a commitment to the field. You can also create a positive impression for employers, and it gives you a range of useful and interesting skills to enhance your résumé.

Need a real life example of this working? The team at Hands On Atlanta has a ton (potential future post) to share! Shoot us a message and we'll share. 

3. Volunteering can lead to you making real connections.

Are you new to the city? Do you want to find more friends? You can meet other “do gooders” while volunteering. It is a great way to meet people who share some of the same interests as you, which is important for the foundation of any friendship. Get started with our TeamWorks! program for some fun, social, competitive, volunteering!

4. Volunteering allows you to give back to a cause or community you believe in.

Do you have a passion? Do you love your neighborhood? Volunteer work can be personal. You can do your part by improving those areas you believe in. Today you can decide to get involved in making this world a better place, and it's easier than ever to actually do it.

5. Volunteering is fun!

When you volunteer, you are able to learn fun, new skills you might not learn otherwise. If you’re looking for a project outside of work or school, volunteering is an opportunity to take advantage of your free time. Are you searching for an activity to do with your friends and family? See what’s out there to do something good with the people you care about.

Acknowledging the personal benefits of volunteer work isn’t selfish at all. There is more to it than giving back to others, even though that is a valid reason to get involved. Do something good for yourself by doing something good for Atlanta.

Ready to dive into volunteering? Find a local project you have a passion for at www.handsonatlanta.org/volunteer.

Heidi Risher has joined Hands On Atlanta from the University of Alabama for the summer, interning with our marketing and communications department. Heidi is doing a great job working on some fun projects for us, in addition to writing some informational blog posts. If you'd like to intern with Hands On Atlanta, keep an eye on our Careers page for openings!