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I remember a time when the only question on anyone's mind was, "Is Adnan Sayed innocent or guilty?" In fact, I've been told this was an ice breaker for many first Bumble dates... Anyways, Sarah Koenig and Atlanta's sweetheart Mailkimp brought the world of podcasts out of the basement and into your living room, your car, your commute, and everywhere you went with "Serial." If you don't know what I'm talking about, surely you've heard someone mention "Serial" or maybe you've heard of "This American Life" or even Atlanta's own podcast empire, "How Stuff Works." Atlanta is also home base to one of my faves, Crazy Good Turns. Whatever your interests, guilty pleasures, or preferences to pass the time, chances are, there's a podcast out there waiting for you to press play.

Love Atlanta Turns (and Builds) the Tables on Service

Sometimes you just want to sit down on a picnic table and enjoy a little sunshine. Pull the lap top out, crank out some emails, drink an ice cold Coca-Cola, and enjoy a little peace and quiet. You know what I mean? 

Luckily for the staff at Hands On Atlanta, this fairy tale story is now a reality, thanks to our friends at Love Atlanta! As part of our big office renovation, (and some impeccable timing) their team chose to build 3 brand new picnic tables for our outdoor patio as a site project for their annual week of service. So, the organization that hosts and leads volunteer projects 24/7/365 has now been on the receiving end of one. Yes, the literal and proverbial tables were turned. Things felt pretty good from this side of things, a little too good...

5 Ways Volunteering Improves Your Life

Everyone knows that volunteering is an incredibly giving action for your community. However, sometimes life keeps us too occupied and stressed to even think about it, even though we know it’s the right thing to do. It turns out that volunteer work not only helps your community, but it also improves multiple areas in your own life.

A little skeptical? Keep reading to learn the five ways it does just that.

New Partnership Brings Online, On-Demand Volunteering to Atlanta

Hands On Atlanta and CareerVillage.org announce a new partnership at the Points of Light Service Unites 2018 Conference.  

Always looking to innovate and lead where volunteers can better serve the Atlanta community, we're excited to announce an impactful new way to help youth excel in college and career through CareerVillage.org, an online, on-demand volunteer platform.