3 tips for creating fresh Social Media content


Hands on Atlanta is excited to partner with Be Consulting on the upcoming Instagram for Nonprofits 101 workshop happening on Wednesday, May 23. Keep reading for tips and tricks on keeping content fresh from Be Consulting co-founders, Christina Edwards and Jessi Ford Bacon. 

So, you’ve gotten into a rhythm of creating content for your social media strategy and you see that it’s starting to pay off. Congratulations! Now the real work begins. Keeping your community engaged and interested is the key to success, which means continuously producing fresh and unique content.

If you’ve found yourself in a content rut, you're not alone. Here are 3 ways to keep your content fresh and evolving.

1.) Relate to Current Events and Trending Topics

When in doubt, turn to the news for content ideas based on trending topics. Is there a particularly interesting article or new development that you can share your organizations opinion on? Or is there a relevant pop culture reference that could make for a fun meme? Utilizing an existing trend is a great way to keep your audience engaged.

2.) Team Spotlight

Your audience wants to get to know the people behind your organization or business. Spotlighting a team member on your digital marketing platforms is a way to give them a peek into day-to-day operations, or even the hobbies of a familiar face.

3.) Change Your Post Time

If you aren’t able to immediately create a new perspective on your content, there are other variables that can have a fresh impact. By simply switching up the time of day that you choose to post, you can have a completely different outcome on your engagement. You never know – posting content after 9:00 p.m. could attract new community members or even sell a few more tickets to your upcoming event.

About Be Consulting:

Your company has a mission to inspire change, make a positive impact and leave your community a little better than you found it. Be Consulting can help.

Jessi Ford Bacon and Christina Edwards have each been advising socially conscious organizations on how to deliver their unique messaging through digital marketing for over 10 years. As co-founders of BOFCreative, a full-service social media marketing and PR agency in Atlanta, Jessi and Christina have been working together to create digital marketing success since 2011.