Raising the Bar | These Baristas Serve More than Coffee

Over the course of the Starbucks Service Fellows’ six-month term with us, Julie and Maya, managed 10 food pantries that were selected by the Food Bank. Specifically, the Starbucks Service Fellows providing one-on-one support to the food pantries including training on volunteer management best practices and our volunteer management software; helping them write volunteer role descriptions, and volunteering at their facilities.

Blue Heron receives Five Star grant for urban wetlands restoration 

The Blue Heron Nature Preserve recently received a $30,000 Five Star and Urban Waters Restoration grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) for urban wetlands restoration. The total conservation impact of the grant will be $71,000 including Blue Heron’s restoration partnership contributions.

Serve your neighbor being affected by the shutdown

The Atlanta Community Food Bank is proactively working to support impacted federal employees and contractors. We may see many more in the coming days if this shutdown continues. If you or someone you know is met with the new challenge of putting food on the table during the shutdown, please visit our Government Shutdown relief page to find help.

New Partnership Brings Online, On-Demand Volunteering to Atlanta

Hands On Atlanta and announce a new partnership at the Points of Light Service Unites 2018 Conference.  

Always looking to innovate and lead where volunteers can better serve the Atlanta community, we're excited to announce an impactful new way to help youth excel in college and career through, an online, on-demand volunteer platform. 

Kaboom! Play Everywhere Challenge Comes to ATL

A couple weeks ago Kaboom! announced their Southeast Play Everywhere Challenge with a kick-off event, right here in Atlanta. They provided general info and best practices for a successful application (their giving away $720,000 in grants to nonprofits in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and Miami) and our team was there to learn everything so you'll have a great shot at a successful application. Hopefully this is helpful and encourages you to apply. Good luck!


Kaboom! is now accepting applications for grants that integrate “play” into everyday life and unexpected PLAYces - sidewalks, vacant lots, bus stops, open streets and beyond - encouraging more families to get active and play together.

Grants will be distributed for projects ranging from $2,ooo - $30,000 - noting that the smaller grants (less than $10,000) will have a much higher chance of being accepted.


You’ll want to include the following details in your application:

  • Who your project will serve
  • Specifics around how kids and families could play more
  • Where the project would take place
  • Get granular here. Not just the city/neighborhood, but the exact location and elements around the location. Nearby hubs, bus/train stops, community places, etc...
  • The changes you plan to make with the project
  • There needs to be a physical “thing” built or created. Programs or events will NOT be accepted.
  • Pop-up play areas, painting landscapes, etc...
  • Community partnerships - THIS IS IMPORTANT
  • Name drop! List your notable board members, corporate partners, network of nonprofits or individual donors (and why they’re a great partner), and partners you have that can help make your project possible
  • Showcase how you plan to incorporate education elements through play

The Playbook

Click here to view/download the playbook that highlight and detail the following elements that should all be included in your project. Make it:

  1. Inviting
  2. Wonderous
  3. Challenging
  4. Shared
  5. Unifying
  6. Convenient

Learn more at