Instagram Reboot: 3 Simple Ways to Grow Your Following

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If you’re struggling with low engagement or gaining new followers on your nonprofit’s Instagram account, then keep reading! Today, we’re tackling one of the most overlooked spots to increase engagement: your Instagram profile.  

An organization’s bio is the foundation to creating a successful marketing strategy.

I recommend checking in with your bio more often than you might think. As your goals, fundraising, or events change, your bio should too. If you’re launching a new campaign, your bio should give your community the scoop — and most importantly, make it easy for someone to donate, purchase, or get connected with you.

Here are 3 simple steps to crafting the perfect bio:

  1. Your Mission: Is your mission easy to understand? Does it succinctly explain who you serve and your location? Keep it simple to ensure a new follower can clearly grasp all of these elements.

  2. Contact info: Is your website link up to date? You’ll want to change it to reflect your current call-to-action. You may want it to link to your nonprofit’s website or to your Giving Tuesday page or tickets to purchase for a fundraiser. Consider a free service like Linktree if you need multiple URLs.

  3. Branded Hashtag: Adding a branded hashtag is an easy way to increase engagement and show your community how to connect and share content with you. Make sure your hashtag is unique to you, and generic like: “#nonprofit” or “#atlantanonprofits.”


Don’t be afraid to be fun, witty, or creative — just stay within your own brand standards. You can use emojis to help break up the text visually and avoid long paragraphs. Once your bio is sparkling, start mixing in creative calls-to-action into your regular content. Let’s do this!

Christina Edwards, Founder

Christina Edwards, Founder

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