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Hands On Atlanta Week 2019 | Service Guide

Saturday, Oct. 5-12, 2019, we’ve rallied the Atlanta community for a week of good with a goal to engage 10,000 ATLiens! Wondering what to expect, where you can pitch in, what’s all the excitement all about?! We’ve got all your questions (and more) covered in our 2019 Hands On Atlanta Week Service Guide.

It Takes a Village

Pulling off a massive day of service isn’t easy, or for the faint of heart, and to make this past weekend’s Hands On Atlanta Day happen, we had to dig deep and rally the troops. We had 35 corporate sponsors come through (thank you, thank you, thank you and high fives) to support more than 50 projects at nonprofits and schools throughout metro Atlanta. We leaned on our title sponsor, Delta, to set the tone for the day at Bolton Academy with 150 employees and another 150 families and community members who rolled up their sleeves to build a Kaboom! playground and outdoor classroom in just 6 hours! But that’s just the start…

Top 10 Hands On Atlanta Day Projects to Sign up for Right Now!

Trying to pick your favorite Hands On Atlanta Day volunteer project is like trying to pick your favorite King of Pops flavor... You're leaning towards Chocolate Sea Salt because duh, Chocolate Sea Salt, but that Raspberry Lime is so dang refreshing!

We get it. It's tough. So, to help make it a little easier on you, we hand selected our Top 10 (11 actually, we tossed in a bonus at the end) Hands On Atlanta Day volunteer projects that you can sign up for right now!

Discover Your Impact at Discovery

For the last 28 years, volunteers have been working with students at elementary schools teaching health and wellness, STEM concepts, social and emotional learning (SEL), and more through the Hands On Atlanta Discovery program.

To learn more about this impact program, I sat down with Candice White, Discovery Program Manager, to learn more about why Discovery is so important (now in 11 Title 1, public schools covering from Smyrna to East Point, serving nearly 1,400 students - almost 90% of them receiving free and reduced lunch) and how volunteers, like you, can get involved.  

All Things Hands On Atlanta Day 2018

All Things Hands On Atlanta Day 2018

Every year, on the first Saturday of October, ATLiens come together for the city's biggest, single day of service - Hands On Atlanta Day presented by Delta. On just one day, more than 2,500 volunteers will:

  • Work on 50+ service projects

  • Serve 10,000+ hours in the community

  • Support programs that will give over 10,800 kids safe places to learn

  • Plant over 100 trees

  • Serve over 570 seniors and

  • Provide over 15,500 pounds of food and medical supplies for those in need.

The Weekly High 5: Getting Ready for Kick-Off

College football season isn't the only thing getting ready to kick-off.

Join the Hands On Atlanta team, corporate and nonprofit leaders, and plenty of changemakers on Wednesday, October 3 at the Monday Night Brewing Garage for a fun evening to kick-off Atlanta's largest, single day of service!

Thousands of Volunteers Rise Up for Hands On Atlanta Day

Thousands of Volunteers Rise Up for Hands On Atlanta Day

You did it Atlanta. You showed up by the thousands and helped celebrate the city's biggest day of service in grand fashion. From helping raise funds for hurricane relief efforts at our Kick-Off Party, to rolling up your sleeves and getting to work, you showed what it means to be an ATLien. You showcased what empathy and inclusion looks like and more importantly, what can be accomplished when service unites!