3 Easy Ways to Give Back This Giving Season

Tis the season, Giving Season

It's here. That time of year where you get ALL the emails, pretty brochures, social media posts, phone calls, and even a carrier pigeon or two asking you to donate. It's pretty exciting to learn about the incredible work so many nonprofits are doing, but it can also be a little overwhelming, leaving you wondering where your dollars should go or how you actually donate.

Well, fear not. We've come up with 3 easy ways for you to give back to your favorite nonprofit (Hands On Atlanta ;)) to make a lasting impact throughout next year! 

1. Join Georgia Gives Day on Giving Tuesday!

Since 2012, Georgia Gives Day has helped raise over $13 million for Georgia nonprofits. On November 28th, they've teamed up with Giving Tuesday to prove giving a little--together, will do a lot for the causes you care about. Whether you can donate $10 or $10,000 (we'd love the latter), it all adds up to more volunteers solving more problems in Atlanta. That's more tutors to read to kids, more backpacks to fill with food, and more shovels to dig up dirt in parks. 

Getting started is easy. Click the button below to make a donation OR to start a fundraiser. If you start a fundraiser you can raise money for Hands On Atlanta from your friends and family. 

2. Become an Annual Member of Hands On Atlanta

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So you're short on time, but want to make a consistent, meaningful donation? Becoming an Annual Member of Hands On Atlanta just might be the right choice for you! In less than 2 minutes and just $8/mo, you can help us provide Atlanta with:

  • 1 Meals4Kids backpack for a weekend for 6 months OR
  • Education materials for tutoring 2 students per year OR
  • Snacks for 3 students at Saturday Discovery sessions for the year 

A little goes a long way. Plus, you'll be an official Hands On Atlanta member! Members will get access to exclusive news and events, a private Facebook group (starting in 2018), unlimited high-fives, and you'll own bragging rights with your friends. It's a pretty great deal.  

3. Click the Donate button.

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Ahh, yes. The ol' Donate button. In case you forgot where it was located. Head on over to our Home page and look for that blue button in the upper right hand corner. You can't miss it. Simply fill out the quick form, tell us what impact program you'd like your donation to go to and voila, you're done. 

You can toss funds towards our Civic Leadership Program, Americorps, TeamWorks!, Discovery, Meals4Kids, and more!

On mobile?

From the home page, just click the sandwich in the upper right corner to show the menu. Then, just hit the that big Donate button at the bottom of the menu. 


Now, we know what you're thinking, and the answer is "yes!" We're still going to send you an email or two, post our impact and the importance of our work on social media, and deliver a fancy little note in the mail in case you really like seeing all those things. Don't worry though, this year we've pardoned all pigeons from any volunteer work.